It was only until recently that I turned my passion for web designing into a side-profession(my main profession being medicine).Up til now,I work anywhere in my home,sometimes in the lounge,sometimes in my bedroom, sometimes while sitting on the terrace,and sometimes on my study table(occupied by bulky medical books).Therefore,a bundle of wires and my laptop and tablet are constantly moving around the house with me.
But now I've realized that its very important to have a proper workspace for designing just the way I've got a study table.
So,I googled the net and started looking for workspace inspirations.

I really like white space and some greenery,(succelents being my favorite indoor plants since they're beautiful as well as easy to take care of),and the color black as well.So,these are the workspace ideas I found and I'm really looking forward to create one for myself soon.I personally think that its very important to have a clean and minimal workspace so that your mind becomes free of clutter and you really get inspired to create beautiful things. 

So,I've made up mind to get myself a nice white desk,with a comfy chair,storage shelves for keeping files and of course a  plant,probably a succulent ,so that I really cus my mind on creating beautiful web designs. :)

Image source:IKEA